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Thursday, August 5, 2010

BUY THIS ALBUM: Eedl - "Everse"

Artist: Eedl
Album: Everse
Label: spa.RK
Year: 2007
Genre: IDM
Website: http://www.eedl.es/

This is the full length album released by Spanish IDM project Eedl, released in 2007. They might have something before it but I can't remember. I listen to a lot of "new school" IDM which, in my head, I call "netlabel idm". This kind of stuff is usually farily minimal with very clicky percussion (with varying levels of complexity), somewhat subtle futuristic pad(s) and one or two melodies per track. It's probably composed entirely with software and likely in Ableton. It's typically good, chill stuff, but it leaves me wanting more of the "old school" flavor that was considerably more complex and "experimental" (Autechre, Jega, Chris Clark, Squarepusher, etc.). Anyway, the point of me saying all that crap is because Eedl, imo, bridges the gap between the two. They've got the clean, sharp, modern production, but their songs are extremely dynamic and more "experimental" and abstract than a good portion of similar stuff.

why you should buy it:
Basically what I just said; if you're into the new ableton-era of IDM and releases on netlabels like Crazy Language, Halbsicht, En:peg, Envizagae, U-cover, etc. than you should find this release contains even more brain candy than whats currently on your ipod. If you're a Warp junkie than you'll probably dig this too. It's extremely dynamic and well put together. The word stagnant does not exist in the vocabulary of Eedl, as nearly every element on every track is constantly mutating and evolving. This is the kind of album that will make you sit and wonder how they made their sounds and what equipment they used. Each time you listen you will hear new subleties and facets of the tracks/sounds which will only aggrandize your appreciation for these producers. The atmosphere, melodies, rhythms...fuck it, theyre all brilliant. Remember that album Autoditacker by Mouse on Mars? It kinda reminds me of that (the atmosphere anyway), only better in every way. Ok, enough rambling; if you like IDM than you need this in your collection.

I bought this from the N5md mailorder, but it looks like you can also buy it (digitally?) from their official site

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