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Thursday, August 5, 2010

BUY THIS ALBUM: Dahlia's Tear - "Under Seven Skies"

Artist: Dahlia's Tear
Album: Under Seven Skies
Label: Thonar Records
Year: 2007
Genre: Dark, Melodic Ambient
Website: http://www.myspace.com/dahliastear

This is the third album released by Dahlia's Tear, which was relased in 2007 and it followed two solid LPs. I was a fan of Dahlia's Tear prior to this, but Under Seven Skies really caused me to take notice. Sadly, he did not use the glorious black metal-style logo from the first album.

why you should buy it:
Did I mention he at some point used a sick black metal-style logo and writes great ambient? If you still haven't ordered this after reading that sentence, than I guess another suitable reason is that this is probably one of the best dark ambient albums I've ever heard. It took me a long time to track down a hardcopy version of it (I waited too long to order from a US distro when it first dropped, argh) but it was very much worth it. Since releasing this album, Dahlia's Tear has gone in to be signed by Cold Meat Industry, which should give you an indication of this guys musical abilities. The production and composition on this album are TOP NOTCH. I mean, it's seriously as good or better than anything released on any kind of "big" ambient label. This album is more melodic than it is dark, and more than either of those it's deep and ethereal. Each song on this album is lord and master of transporting the listener to another place and time, and I think that is, or should be, the goal of all ambient. Come on, look at how I've described this album: dark, melodic, deep, ethreal, dynamic (btw, the album is really fucking dynamic), and having excellent production. If you're any kind of fan of ambient than this album needs to be in your collection.

this album is pretty difficult to find in the states; I had the most luck using the marketplace on discogs.com. There seem to be a lot of sellers in Europe though, so if you happen to live there it should be really easy to find.

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