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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Iameb 57 - "Tipsy Hax"

Artist: Iameb 57
Album: Tipsy Hax
Year: 2010
Label: Neuva Forma
Genre: IDM / Ambient /Abstract
Website: www.myspace.com/iameb57
buy here: http://www.shopnuevaforma.com/music/iameb-57-tipsy-hax-mp3.html

After a whole bunch of free EPs on labels like Crazy Language, Envizagae, etc, Iameb 57 releases his first full length on Nueva Forma. I really dig this guys stuff and am a big fan of the Filic 9 EP on Crazy Language which I will use for reference from here on out.

Good stuff:
- all the stuff you know and love about Iameb 57. His trademark melodies are here, along with dynamic, engaging glitchwork. I really like his melodies & sound design and this album doesn't disappoint. As per usual, his percussion is very detailed and varied. I really dig this guy for his complex beats. There is lots of stuff happening at all times and it never gets repetitive or hackneyed. The longer tracks have some flow and structure to them, although he generally keeps them short and sweet. Everything comes together really well on tracks like Tispy Hax and Washing jpgs.

Bad stuff:
- fragments. A lot of the tracks on here are around 2 minutes long (or less!) and give off the feel of being fragments moreso than fleshed-out, completed tracks.
- uninspiring. to go along with the above, some of the tracks just don't feel as deep and interesting as his work on Filic 9 (or the better tracks on this album), and instead seem more rushed and thrown together. These should have been developed into something more engaging, in my opinion.
- it's loud! this one is really fucking loud. It's probably twice as loud as Filic 9 and by loud I mean it's fatigueingly loud.

If you like previous work from Iameb 57 and like really loud stuff than you should enjoy this. If you don't know this guy's work than check out some of his free albums and if you like them than you won't be disappointed with this. I wish he would work on extending and more fully developing some of the tracks/ideas though, rather than include a bunch of 1-2 minute pieces (which are typically nice, but how much can you accomplish in a minute and fourty seconds?). Worth checking out if you're into the stuff on Crazy Language, Halbsicht, U-cover, Envizagae, etc.

Overall Rating: 7/10

get the album: here

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