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Monday, August 23, 2010

BUY THIS ALBUM: Proem - Till There's No Breath

Artist: Proem
Album: Till There's No Breath
Label: nonresponse
Year: 2009
Genre: Dark Ambient/Drone/IDM
Website: www.proemland.com

I imagine that this is probably going to be an overlooked / underappreciated album. Unlike the bulk of of Proem's work, which is sort of melancholy IDM (read: very beat oriented), this album is entirely dark ambient. There are sparse rhythmic elements, but they are subtle and don't appear particularly often. Now, that might scare off some unadventerous fans, but it shouldn't. I am a huge fan of dark ambient and, in my opinion, this is a fucking stellar album (I guess that makes me biased, but I think that what I am saying is that you too should be a fan of dark ambient). It reminds me a bit of Lustmord. So, what more do you need? Proem + Lustmord = glorious

why you should buy it:
Don't let the fact that it is out of the ordinary scope of sound(s) that Proem typically works with ward you off; this is an extremely interesting and well crafted piece of work. If you like ambient (especially of the dark, sombre variety) than this is pretty much a must have. It even includes a free bonus EP if you can figure out the text inside the booklet. I have a pretty decent size collection of dark ambient and this album gets played a lot. So for all those reasons and more you should check out this album

You should be able to get copies of this from n5md or the label nonresponse.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Agree, very inetersting work. I bought it a year ago :) And from "beat oriented" music "A Permanent Solution" the best album of Proem.