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Thursday, September 2, 2010

BUY THIS ALBUM: Yen Pox - "Blood Music" [re-issue]

Artist: Yen Pox
Album: Blood Music (reissue)
Label: Malignant Records
Year: 2010
Genre: Dark Ambient/Drone
Website: http://www.malignantrecords.com

Blood Music is the 2010 re-release from dark ambient project Yen Pox. It comes with the original Blood Music album (re-mixed & re-mastered) as well as a second CD which houses some of their early and rare tracks (some stuff from a cassette and one or more 7" records, to be slightly more precise). It also comes in an absolutely beautiful DVD-style digipak.

why you should buy it:
I bought this album completely blind, mostly because the description sounded cool, the art was nice, and it was inexpensive. Needless to say, I was blown away. Blood Music is an amazing collection of droning dark ambient. The tracks are deep, extremely dark, and quite slow moving, but there is plenty going on in each one to hold the listener's attention. It's got great drones, great synths, and great atmosphere. This record has been re-mixed and re-mastered, and as such I'm not sure how different the tracks are from the original version, but considering this was originally written in 1995, it totally blows away most of the other stuff that was being released at that time (early Inade and Raison come to mind - I would absolutely take this over the re-release of Burning Flesh). The second CD in the set seems to be of thier more experimental / noisey material. Honestly, it took me weeks to even listen to the second disc because I couldn't stop listening to the first! The first disc, in and of itself, more than justifies the purchase of this! The price is very reasonable as well. If you are any kind of fan of dark ambient or drone, this is a must have!

buy it from Malignant Mailorder

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