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Friday, September 10, 2010

This is when industrial was awesome

So, I took a break from bashing the industrial scene for a few minutes this morning and ended up finding this great website. It is a collection (in progress) of old industrial zines that have been scanned into PDF. There is lots of stuff from the mid to late nineties, some of them even come with compilation cds which the site has graciously uploaded. If you are any kind of fan of industrial than it's worth a look.

the site is here: http://shock-corridor.blogspot.com/

Now, you probably noticed the title of this entry is "when industrial was awesome." A lot of people say "industrial sucks now, but it used to be awesome", which is true, but the thing is, a lot of time people don't know or remember when it actually was awesome. So for everyone who has been scratching their chin and thinking/posting to a forum "I'm sure that at some point it was awesome, but hundreds of listens to TBM have rendered my memorychip (that's a reference to Accessory, see what I did there) inaccessible", I have the answer (well, technically, I don't, the link above does.) Check out this comp from 1998:

Binary Application Extension 05
1 Newt Testone 5:30
2 Front Line Assembly Columbian Necktie (Tongue Fed Edit) 4:50
3 Biopsy CX State 5:05
4 C-Tec Foetal 5:46
5 RE/Act Virtual Symmetry 4:08
6 Aghast View Neurotic 5:18
7 Pain Konsept Charge Intercept (Intercepted By VAC Mix) 4:24
8 Inertia (4) Believer 4:38
9 Gridlock Nine 4:06
10 Suicide Commando Putrefaction Process 5:15
11 Salt Feed Me 3:35
12 Synapscape My Distance 3:19
13 It Hydrogen (NCoded By Red Sector A) 5:29
14 Float (2) (Feel It) Float 3:44
15 S.P.O.C.K Force Of Life 4:47
16 Velvet Acid Christ Amphetamine OD (Fuck Off Sage For Not Putting Futile On This Disc Mix) 3:02

look at that fucking tracklist! FLA, C-tec, Re/act, Gridlock, Suicide Commando, Synapscape, VAC, etc etc etc...all that just for a magazine comp! That is real shit. I downloaded this bad boy today and have been listening all morning. THIS is why I got into industrial. This is why I would later get inspired to start an underground zine that would go on to become a crappy, rambling blog. I would listen to nothing but this for 50 years rather than have to listen to one of these new bunkertracks or whatever comps. Go read this old shit and listen to these old zine comps and remember when industrial was still industrial and was awesome.

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