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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

BUY THIS ALBUM: Voice of Eye - "Anthology Two"

Voice of Eye is a band whose name I have seen often, but never quite got around to checking out. A few months ago I saw the blurb for this release on Malignant Distro (it's released via Transgredient Records), which said that this album was something of a must have for fans of tribal/ethno ambient. That said, I checked some of their stuff out, liked it, and then went on to buy this album, "Anthology 2 1992-96", which is something of a cross section of their work (released, b-sides, alt versions) from that time period which have all been graciously remastered and presented in this sweet double digipak. Unfortunately, this stuff isn't very "tribal" (compared to some of their other albums from that time period), but it's still very good droning ambient with great atmosphere. Only a few of the tracks have percussive elements, though they do a fantastic job using weird textures and processed field recordings while keeping everything flowing and sounding 'smooth'. Even though this stuff is pretty droning, it is still quite active, with a plethora of sound layers and changes in each track. While this could probably be titled 'experimental ambient', Voice of Eye does justice to the term, as these tracks are very cohesive and tight (not 'random shit' as I tend to associate with the experimental tag). The re-mastering on this Anthology is fantastic; the album has a huge, deep sound and it does not sound dated at all. Definitely a must have for fans of droning ambient in the vein of Yen Pox.

You should be able to find this at most dark ambient distros
this album on discogs: here

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