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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

BUY THIS ALBUM: Bitcrush - "Enarc"

Today, we're going back in time to the beginning of the Bitcrush lineage. This was Mike Cadoo's first release under the moniker, towards the end of Gridlock and when he was still writing noisey IDM/industrial. The first Bitcrush outing, "Enarc" sounds quite similar to his Dryft stuff, and both sound like a trimmed down Gridlock. What this lacks in technicality it makes up for in emotion. This is the release that turned me on to Component records and Cadoo's own N5MD. "Enarc" showcases my favorite style of IDM -- and perhaps music in general: colossal, sweeping pads, pulsating with emotion combined with distorted chopped/glitchy beats. The percussion is more straight forward and subdued than Gridlock ("Enarc" has a lot of chopped up breaks), but it lends to a more laid back, dreamy atmosphere allowing you to focus on the melodic elements. The pads and melodies are exceptionally beautiful and there is a good amount of diversity between songs. The album 'ends' (there is technically a hidden track beyond it) with the 14 opus 'Carbon Rewind' which is some of the most brilliant and hypnotic droning ambient/idm since Autechre's 'Rsdio'. After this album Cadoo took Bitcrush into post rock territory, for better or worse, however, fans of industrial IDM NEED to own this album. No exceptions.

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