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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wounds of the Earth Compilation IV taking submissions now!!

Wounds of the Earth Compilation IV: Eridanus Supervoid
coming: December 2012

featuring mainly new and exclusive tracks from:

Nordvargr [Old Europa Cafe / Cold Spring]
Visions [Cyclic Law]
New Risen Throne [Cold Meat Industry / Cyclic Law]
Dahlia's Tear [Cold Meat Industry]
Parhelion [Cyclic Law]
Triangular Ascension [Cyclic Law]
Psychomanteum [Cyclic Law]
Phaenon [Malignant]
Emme Ya [Cold Spring]
Coph'antae Tryr [HORUS CyclicDaemon]
Roto Visage [Autumn Wind Productions]
Nors'klh [First Fallen Star]
Mystified [First Fallen Star]
c.db.sn [Tympanik]
Access to Arasaka [Tympanik]
Famine [Tympanik]
Millipede [Hymen]

+ more!!

This will be available in FLAC & MP3 formats!

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