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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Peep this: Autechre - "EPs 1991 - 2002"

Here is a pretty nifty recent release. Warp records has bundled up most of Autechre's EPs from 91-02 in this 5xCD boxset. It's not totally complete, but its got Anti EP, Basscad EP, Anvil Vampre, Garbage, Envane, EP7, Gantz Graf, and a few more, including their first ever release Cavity Job! It's all been remastered and placed in the super boring black on black box you see above. I got the set for around 27$ US on amazon, so if you are a fan of Autechre looking to hear some of their misc works without having to shell out the money for / track down each individual EP than there is really no reason not to check this out. It's a great deal and very convenient, imo, and I'm quite glad that Warp decided to do this re-issue.

release on discogs: here

1 comment:

chaseD said...

super boring? no way. just too intelligent for your taste, somewhere someone in an IDM jacket is smirking at how IDM the black on black on black choice is.