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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

GET THESE ALBUMS: Trianglar Ascension - "Sexta Repvblica" & "Nibirusalem"

Avid fans of dark ambient will probably recognize Triangular Ascension as being the one of the new signings to Cyclic Law with his recent album 'Leviathan Device'. What you may not know, however, is that he has a few previously released works under that name and they are free to download. One of these is called 'Nibirusalem' and is one 22 minute long-form droning dark ambient piece. It's a solid ethereal track that slowly builds and gathers strength as its snakes its way along. It is repetitive in a hypnotic, captivating way, but still has enough variation and changes to keep you interested. A must listen if you enjoy spacey/ancient sounding ambient. Very dark and otherworldly without being boring or directionless. The other release that I am familiar with is called 'Sexta Repvblica' and is quite a departure from his dark ambient sound. This 4-track release is all martial industrial/ambient with huge pounding beats and aggressive war-time atmospheres. Despite being a divergence in style, it is done rather well and contains some very good tracks on it that will surely please fans of Triarii, Arditi, etc. The sound design and production on both of these is quite good and modern. Again, both of these releases are free, so don't miss them! There is another, earlier, single track long ambient release called Microcosmogensis, but I have not heard it yet.

Saturnoculto Records: main site archive.org: here
these releases on discogs: Nibirusalem, Sexta Repvblica, Microcosmogensis

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Zardonic said...

Thanks for posting these brother! Happy to know you enjoyed them :)

Best regards,

Federico Agreda Alvarez
Triangular Ascension