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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

GET THIS ALBUM: Shrine - "Harmony, Bliss, Rust" [2006]

This one is a little bit old, but I just discovered it today. This is a free, digital 3 track, 36 minute EP from ambient producer Shrine. I was first introduced to Shrine's album "The Final Asylum" by Frederic of Cyclic Law and have been checking out his stuff ever since. This EP is comprised of beautiful, richly organic, melodic droning soundscapes littered with subtle sfx and percussive elements. This is some of the most placid, tranquil stuff in my collection. It's very meditative and hypnotic; once you put it on it sweeps you up and you won't want to turn it off. Definitely for fans of Cyclic Law who are looking for something less dark, or drone acts like Law-Rah Collective who want something more interesting. Probably would appeal to fans of Alio Die, Steve Roach, Robert Rich etc as well.

I also highly encourage you to check out his 2 tracks on the Shrine/Lingua Fungi split for some really top notch dark ambient.

download here: here
this release on discogs: here

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