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Monday, August 29, 2011

GET THIS ALBUM: 4 way split - "The Unreality of Time EP"

"The Unreality of Time" is a new 4 way split between dark ambient producers Cogwheel, Psychomanteum, Rasalhague, and Taphephobia, brought to you from the Kalpamantra label. Apparently this free EP is part of a larger project which will be released in hardcopy at a later time. This is an amazing split; every artist comes to the table with a very strong, well developed track. All four tracks are droning dark ambient, but none of them are boring or overly repetitive. Considering these artists come from the Cyclic Law, Malignant and Reverse Alignment labels, it's somewhat obvious what the sound and quality will be like. Don't miss it!

download it: here
this release on discogs: here

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