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Thursday, August 25, 2011

peep this: new releases from Halbischt Records

Looks like there are some exciting new releases from German label Halbischt, who is reponsible for bringing you albums from Mnemonic, DNN, adamned.age, Pleq, and a few others.

Firstly, there is a HIGHLY limited new full length from Mnemonic ambient side project Architrav entitled "rendezvous with a green fairy". This is limited to only 50 hardcopies(!) so don't wait. It comes in handmade, handnumbered packaging. It is also available as an unlimited digital release. I am a huge fan of their first release which was very good cold, stark ambient soundscapes, so I picked this one up as soon as I saw it announced. You can preview the entire album on the website.

check it out: here

Secondly, there is a new release from idm/ambient project DNN called "When Things Stop To Move". This one seems like a logical follow up to his debut release, in that is is more melodic minimal idm / ambient with top-notch production. This album features remixes from Bitcrush, Huron and SE. Fans of newer IDM should not pass this one up. You can preview the entire album on the website.

check it out: here

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