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Monday, August 15, 2011

Mobthrow - "Pitch Black EP"

Artist: Mobthrow
Album: Pitch Black EP
Year: 2011
Label: Mindtrick Records
Genre: Dubstep
Website: http://www.mindtrick-records.com/
this album on discogs: here



New 12in EP from dubstep producer Mobthrow. To be honest, I don't really listen to or follow dubstep much, but I'll give this one a shot. The only other thing I've heard from Mobthrow was the Mutant Dubstep EP which didn't grab me, however I'm liking this one more.

Good stuff:
+ Style. I am really digging the A-sides of this release. I can't stand most popular dubstep which seems to be very minimal and directionless, ditching the atmosphere for easy to digest club appeal. I am glad that this release is not like that at all, and in fact it actually reminds me more of the stuff I first heard when "dubstep" came out - quasi-dark, sad, heavily atmospheric stuff with an emphasis on bass, but not crazy wobbles all over the place. The A sides have really great pads and synths that create bold, somber atmospheres. It's actually a bit like Burial (minus vocal samples and lo fi) but with new, modern production. The bass is well done; it fits in nicely with everything else, doesn't overpower, and only occasionally steps out front, becoming the center of attention with it's twisted modulations. You can hear the groovy dub influence all over these tracks (but thankfully not like, overtly reggae). I think there is some techno influence here as well, but maybe this is just how dubstep sounds nowadays, I don't know. The B-side of this release, 'Enter Dubcore', is more of a drum and bass affair, and, although weaker than the A-sides, it's pretty neat once the modulating bass kicks in.
+ Production. What I've heard from this guy has always had solid production, and this release most definitely carries on that trend. Huge sound without being squashed.

Bad stuff:
- I was disappointed with the Hecq remix. There is some really cool stuff happening here, and a lot of subtle technical wizardry...but the bass sound is so annoying that it detracts a lot from the appeal of this track. It ends up feeling directionless and disposable. I was hoping for something more frenzied and glitchy like his own track Sura.
- The only real negative thing about the Mobthrow tracks is that they are all fairly repetitive, but that seems to be par for this dubstep thing.

Definitely one for the Ad Noiseam crowd. If you like atmospheric dubstep with big production and no stupid Rusko style basslines than you should check this out for sure.

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Unknown said...

I highly recommend you to listen Mobthrow's debut self-titled album.