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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Peep This: Suicide Commando - "The Suicide Sessions" Set

To be honest, at this point I am almost ashamed of admitting to being a suicide commando fan. Despite his recent work, I try to remember him for writing two of the (if not the) greatest terror ebm albums ever: construct/destruct and mindstrip. Fuck, those are great albums. Anyhow, I was quite excited to stumble across this the other day: The Suicide Sessions, despite the dumb name, looks to be a SICK collection of his early dive-esque work, all remastered, along with some discs of "b-sides" (mainly looks like the remixes and singles from around that time...which is fine because I've always thought his b-sides were nearly as good as the albums, if not occasionally better). It's 6 CDs in all. This collection contains the albums Stored Images, Critical Stage, Contamination, and Construct/Destruct. Obviously those albums sound pretty dated now, so I am really curious as to how they will sound remastered. I thought the old Hocico material sounded GREAT after the remastering on Cronicas Letales, so I am expecting good things here as well. This Suicide Sessions set just came out like a week or so ago on Out Of Line, so I have yet to see it sold in the states, but I plan to buy it asap. Definitely a huge collection, especially if you don't own those albums in hardcopy.

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