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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Misc. new and forthcoming releases

Nordvargr recently put several albums up for pay what you like on bandcamp: here
Phelios recently re-released his album Passage, remastered with bonus. Will be available from Malignant, Loki, Black Drone and possible other distros
Terra Sancta released a new EP  Sunken|Buried|Forgotten via Malignant
Triarii re-released their last album Muse In Arms via Eternal Soul
Enduser released a new album Even Weight on cd&vinyl via Ad Noiseam
Detritus released a new album Everyday Explanations via Ad Noiseam
Igorrr released a new 2xCD album Poisson Soluble / Moisissure via Ad Noiseam
Plaid recently released a new album Scintilli via Warp Records

N5MD has recently released new albums from: Dreissk, Aerosol, Dalot  and Tobias Lilja

1 comment:

connexion said...

The End.user is pure <3, yes.

The Igorrr is actually a re-re-issue. Both "Poisson Soluble" and "Moisissure" were originally released as CD-R (we reviewed them @ Connexion Bizarre) and later re-issued on Impulsive Art (I have it). Admitedly the Ad Noiseam re-re-issue is rather practical...