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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Stuff i've been into lately

Here are a few albums that aren't new, but I've been really into lately which you should check out if you haven't:

Atrium Carceri - "Phrenitis" [Cold Meat Industry]
The most recent Atrium release. He is still going strong after all these albums. This is him doing his usual but lots more piano than anything prior. I am really digging it and can't stop listening.

Ulf Soderberg - "Vindarnas Hus" [Slow Moon]
Ulf Soderberg (aka Sephiroth) makes some of the best "tribal" ambient ever. I mean tribal in the most ancient scandinavian way possible. Seriously amazing stuff, definitely worth seeking out.

Lamia Vox - "...Introductio" [Ewers Tonkunst/Indiestate Distribution]
I love the Lamia Vox track on the recent Saur Maas compilation from Kalpamantra, so I went and bought her full length. It's pretty droney but very dark and I am liking it a lot.

This Morn Omina - "The Drake Equation" [Ant-Zen]
I still haven't gotten the new album (apparently sold out in a lot of places in the states), but I keep this one on repeat. Such amazing tribal industrial with fantastic production. This is a short album, but very worth having, every song hits hard.

Subheim - "Approach" [Tympanik]
One of the most beautiful, dark, downtempo/IDM albums. It's not super complex, but it is perfect at what it is. A must own for fans of dark beautiful music.

Arovane - "Icol Diston" [DIN]
This is a CD compilation of his old vinyls. One of my favorite IDM releases ever. Arovane absolutely kills it. This one and Atol Scrap are must own for IDM fans.

Ametsub - "The Nothings of the North" [Mille Plateaux]
Really beautiful clicky / glitchy downtempo stuff with bits of future jazz and IDM. Reminds me of playing Katamari Damancy. Smooth and dreamy sounding, yet still ultra complex and layered.

1 comment:

Marwinsing said...

The Polish fellahs... the Kaos Ex Machina crew (esp. Inner Vision Laboratory) then Nagual Art, Mytrip & Martin Lukanov, Nihili Christi (London?), hey, for some soft gentle stuff Sebastien Marchal! (got him on right now) then let's go thick 'n dark with Gustav Hildebrand with Peter Bjargo to wrap, and we'll chuck in the two Peter Andersson's of Bocksholm to end with an abrasive, texterous industrial ambient twist - but yeah, I'm with yah!