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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

everything on course

Just wanted to make a quick update to say that everything is on course for releasing our first issue somewhere between mid october and early november. There will be lots of interviews with top scene acts, some reviews, some art stuff, and maybe some extra. We will also be releasing our 5th compilation along with issue 1: a collection of winter themed IDM music. more specific details coming soon!

and here are some releases that dropped recently which you to be sure to check out:

new - V/A - Malignant Antibodies [malignant / kalpamantra] FREE - huge free comp of Maliginant artists
new - Maculatum - The Nameless City [malignant] project of collapsar + rasalhague
new - Atrium Carceri & Eldar - Sacrosanct [cryo chamber] - hardcopy coming in october on Infinite Fog
new - Atrium Carceri - Void [cryo chamber]
new - Lustmord - Heresy (sixtystone edition) [soleilmoon]
new - Clark - Fantasm Planes [warp]
new - Tineidae - Lights [tympanik]
new - r.roo - Mgnovenie [tympanik]
new - Wieloryb - Goa Remixes [Antyscena] FREE f/ remixes by Ambassador21, Synapscape, Mono No Aware, Mono Amine, etc.
new - Haujobb - Let's Drop Bombs EP [basic unit productions]
new - Skinny Puppy - LIVE: Bootlegged, Broke, and In Solvent Seas [metropolis]
new - Synnack - Katrina [force of nature]
new - Trollhead - On the Loose [bedroom research] FREE
new - Last Industrial Estate - Last Industrial Estates [kalpamantra] FREE
new - Mystified - Fifes, Pipes, and Didgeridoos [kalpamantra] FREE
new - Somatic Responses - Strange Future EP [photon emissions]
new - Ghosts in the Clocktower - I: Enroute [abstrakt reflections] FREE

reissue - Steve Roach - Stormwarning [Projekt]

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