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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Get This Album: Huron - "Fissure EP"

Fissue is the new EP from IDM producer Huron that is scheduled to be released by Mindtrick Records on Jan 4 2016. I've been eagerly anticipating new Huron material after his incredible 2013 album The Other Side Of Reality (Raumklang Music) which made it onto my personal top album list of that year. This new EP follows the blueprints he forged on that album and is a continuation of all the good things found there - the extremely spacious, futuristic IDM with something of an industrial slant crafted from crisp digital tones, compelling glitchy beats, and dreamy melodic content. Music for trips through a space station and/or a sad but beautiful future. The mixing and mastering are once again excellent and really bolster the depth of this music. If you were a fan of his previous work or acts like Access to Arasaka, DNN, Proem, etc than you must check out this EP! The only downside is that it is not a full length, but hopefully he will deliver one in the near future; this is an excellent offering in the meantime and one not to be missed. I can confidently say that Huron is one of my favorite IDM producers releasing new music.

[ Get It Here ]

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