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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Get This Album: Jihad - "Live in Bratislava"

Coming a mere 18 years after their debut A Prayer In The Night on Ras Dva, 90s dark electro act Jihad makes a comeback with their new (live) album Live In Bratislava 28.02.2015 as recorded at the Dark EBM Souls festival. The album's 8 tracks feature some classic material, some new material, and a cover of fellow 90s dark electro act Benestrophe. It is available as a limited edition hardcopy which I believe you have to get directly from the band (which is now just James Mendez), and digitally via bandcamp. In addition to this album, Jihad has been working for the past few years doing remixes for various acts on Electro Aggression Records, and has a new studio album in the works to be released through the same.

[ Bandcamp ]
[ Jihad on Facebook ]

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