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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Amiestreet.com - stupidly cheap digital music


So, buying music digitally is all the rage now. A friend of mine who has his fingers to the pulse of the future recently sent me a link to this site called Amie Street. Amie Street is a place to buy digital music, but with a twist (of course, why the hell else would I be talking about it). First of all, I have yet to see ANY album on there for more than $9.98. Secondly, the way it works is something vaguely like this:

1. Albums start at stupidly cheap prices, like FREE or $1 (almost all the albums I browsed were 5$ or less)
2. As people buy an album, the price goes up
3. You can REC (recommend i guess) an album, and if that album sells than you get "Street Cred".
4. "Street Cred" translates into money (or something) which you can use to buy more albums
5. It looks like anyone can add their music to the site. I haven't done it yet, but I am considering it.

Now i've only used the site for about 20 minutes, but I think that is generally how it works. There isn't a ton of electronic music up there yet, but the site is growing every day with the help of people like you. If you're smart you can head over right now and pick up a couple of tympanik releases while they are still FREE!!!!!!!!!

please comment with any tips or insights
otherwise gogogo

-dan barrett

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