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Monday, February 2, 2009

Bang On It!

Okay... this isn't really like, normal article format. But it is important for you to understand, that people "Banging on Shit" is almost entirely absent from the modern EBM/ Industrial scene. Some people do it well, like larger acts who can easily bring full acoustic and electronic drum kits on tour, or a few cool noise artists like Alter Der Ruine who are just bad asses. But it's very rare.

So in the effort to further everbody's education and maybe get some of the brain synapses clicking, here you go. Two videos. The first is Test Dept and the second is SPK. You will never hear a song from either of these bands. Ever. At a modern "ebm/darkwave/industrial/goth" night. But you should. Because they are incredible



Also, check out the Compulsion and Total State Machine videos by Test Dept!

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Anonymous said...

I love test dept!!