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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Quick Looks 11-09-10

To save us all a bunch of time, here is the first in our new occasional series of brief reviews

Totakeke - "On The First Of November"
Pretty standard Totakeke; this time with an interesting retro atmosphere. Generally more of the same, however, if you like his style than this will interest you. I really like some of the synth work, but unfortunately the horribly muddy production makes this a challenge to sit through. 5/10


Fractional - "Blood"
This is more whimsical than I can get into, but I see why this gets high praises. Unique sound(s) and good production. Much more proficiently crafted than his last vinyl. If you like the weird and the quirky when it comes to IDM/breakcore than you should enjoy this. Also be on the lookout for the free remix album to accompany this. 7.5/10


Synnack - "V2.5"
Unlike V2, this is an entire album of experimental ambient sans percussion. It was made with analog modular synths and custom software plug-ins created by Synnack. It's chock full of interesting textures and soundscapes, but it can get repetitive and does not always provide a pleasant listening experience (which may or may not appeal to you). Good production. Fans of Vromb check this out asap. It's also free.


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