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Friday, March 23, 2012

About Wounds

About Wounds of the Earth

This is a brief explanation of how our rating scale works. Sorry, but not all releases are 8+.

10 - Flawless/nearly flawless album. Timeless, classic, will be in your top 10. Unparalleled Musicianship.
9 - almost all the songs are great. very noteworthy. outstanding musicianship + technical aspects
8 - most of the songs are good/noteworthy. solid musicianship + technical aspects
7 - above average; many of the songs are good
6 - average with a couple of above average songs/parts. mostly unremarkable.
5 - average. neither good nor bad, unremarkable.
4 - average with a couple of below average songs/parts
3 - many below average songs, lackluster musicianship or technical aspects
2 - pretty much all the songs are bad. poor musicianship / technical aspects
1 - no merits whatsoever
0 - no merits whatsoever and offensively bad.

what kind of material do you accept for review?
physical or digital. if digital please include all artwork. no vinyl please. contact us for an address.

what genre do you accept for review?
YES: industrial, power noise, dark ambient (drone, ritual, death industrial, etc), idm. other stuff that is similar to that.
NO: rave stuff (trance, techno, house, tbm, hardstyle, dubstep, etc), metal, rock, "experimental", noise, folk

will you review my unsigned / self released album?
go ahead and send it over & we'll have a listen; if it sucks we probably won't bother, but if its good we will.

I want to be on one of your compilations, what do I do?
Wait until we announce open submissions and email us about it. DON'T send us unsolicited mp3s or contact us saying "I want to be on a future comp", because we won't remember.

contact us: woundsoftheearth@gmail.com
facebook: http://www.facebook.com/woundsoftheearthblog

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