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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Check this: new releases from Karsten Hamre

It looks like prolific dark ambient producer Karsten Hamre (Dense Vision Shrine, Arcane Art, Penitent) is now running a label called NeoKunst and has put out a few new releases in 2012 as well as re-releasing some of his older work. You can download it via the label's bandcamp or buy some of the work in CDr or print form from createspace. All of the albums are only $4.99 (USD), which is a rather good deal. I felt like his last eponymous release on First Fallen Star was criminally underrated, so I hope that more people catch wind of his stuff. Two of his newest releases which are absolutely worth checking out are:

Karsten Hamre - "Through the Eyes of the Beholder"

placid droning dark ambient. really good for chill, dark background stuff. I bought this the other day and have been playing it a lot.

Karsten Hamre - "Through the Valley of the Shadow"

More droning dark ambient work. Apparently this was some older material that was written for an art installation and now it is being released for the first time as an album. Check it out!

NeoKunst: www.neokunst.com
bandcamp: neokunst.bandcamp.com

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