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Monday, September 14, 2015

Get This Album: Headdreamer - Human Frequencies

Headdreamer is a side project of Lord Sauron from Industrial/IDM acts Disharmony and Oxyd, and it is also released via the Aliens Production label. Headdreamer is somewhat different from the more aggressive industrial vibes of Disharmony, as it is focused on tranquil atmospheres and beautiful melodies. The snappy percussion reminds me of the first Subheim release, mixed with Psy/IDM synths that would fit on any given Ultimae Records release.  It's filled with wonderful piano melodies, choirs, visionary pads, all melded together with very clean, precise mixing. Definitely a must hear for fans of melodic IDM with industrial undertones (or pretty much anything on Aliens Production or Tympanik). I was finally able to track this down at a record store here in the US and I've had it on repeat ever since.

[ Aliens Production ]

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