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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Get This Album: Ynoji - "Conjuro"

I recently discovered this gem released by Abstrakt Reflections back in June. I saw the label post that Ynoji had created a sample pack for Loopmasters.com (Organic Complex Drum & Bass) and for whatever reason I decided to check it out. The demo song associated with the sample pack really sparked my interest so I immediately tracked down some of his releases. Conjuro is an excellent take on modern atmospheric IDM (with the focus being on the atmosphere and the percussion taking something of back seat), with brilliant use of asian melodies and exotic female vocal samples. In a world where IDM has become incredibly watered down and sterile, Ynoji's work stands out as a good example of how it should sound in 2015. Captivating sound design, spacious mixing, and excellent mastering from Frank Riggio.

[ Get It Here ]

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